Life is a Game of Inches


Every inch of it is important. In life we are going to have to struggle for every inch that it takes to reach success. There are levels to success so the struggle never ends. Success is obtainable for every person alive. We have to be willing to struggle to gain all the inches required. It is up to the individual to push inch by inch to obtain success. Gaining inches will never get any easier but our minds will trick us to believe things are getting easier when in actuality we are getting better. Consistency is what makes us better. The consistency of always pushing gets things moving for us. An object in motion stays in motion. Consistency builds the momentum that allows us to break through barriers and knock down obstacles when they arise. The barriers and obstacles are there and always be there but they no longer stop us like they used to. They may only slow us down. The only thing that can stop us now is ourselves. So, continue to fight for every inch you can get from life.


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