The Power of Thought (Using our Mind’s Eye)


We must use the power of thought to our advantage. To do so we must think positive thoughts and let go of all negativity. When we think about our desires we must imagine ourselves in possession of the things we desire. We must close our two eyes and open our mind’s eye and see the the changed life we will have by possessing our desires right now. Using the mind’s eye is more than just seeing, it is also feeling we possess our desires right now. Seeing and feeling using our mind’s eye is what prepares us to receive our desires because it is already ours. Too many of us are using our thoughts in ways that do not serve us and that is if we are thinking at all.There are many who let outside influences direct their thoughts. These are people who think they will never have anything better than what they currently have. That is a blatant lie. All of us can and will be in better situations if we make the choice to think, see, feel and believe that we will. I encourage you to start using the power of thought for your advantage today. If you choose to do so I will see you where your desires take you in the near future.


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