Faith is Our Guiding Light 

Sometimes we will find ourselves surrounded by darkness. When we find ourselves in the darkness that comes and goes throughout our lives we must keep faith. The faith that we keep is the light that keeps us on the path that we intend to be on. Without that faith we will end up wondering in the darkness aimlessly and without a purpose or guidance. We will be so far off track from where we want to be and not know where we are how we got where we are when we do not have faith. We have to never be without faith. Sometimes we might loosen the grip we have on our faith when things are going good but when bad things come up and the darkness approaches we are not ready for the darkness becaus we have not been practicing faith. We felt like we did not need the light that faith produces while we were in the light. Let’s choose to keep faith and the light it produces. When darkness comes the light will already be on guiding us on our intended path. 


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