Don’t Stop Running Toward Your Dreams

Let_Me_Run - 2

Life is a marathon. Getting our dreams will call for us to have endurance. We must never stop running to get what we really dream and desire. We must keep that dream alive by continuing to run in the direction of that dream. Pain will be involved and the body will want to stop but we must use our minds to make the body keep running when there is nothing left. The only thing that remains is the dreams that we have, faith that we will liver our dreams and the momentum that we have gained by running in the right direction. It will almost be like we are running down hill. We can put the mind in control of the body like putting the body on autopilot. Our minds will get us to our dreams without us really having to do anything. The desire in our minds will start attracting the help and support needed for us to live out our dreams. The person we are in our dream can be us in reality as long as we do not stop running toward our dreams. I will let you run toward your dreams. Let me run toward my dreams. We may reach our dreams at different times and that is okay. We will still see each other at the finish line no matter who gets there first.

See you at the top.


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