Making Decisions Makes the Difference 

We control our own lives through the decisions we make. We are where we are because of the things we had decided to do in the past. If we are not satisfied with where we are now, all we have to do is decide to do something about it. We can learn a new skill. We can stop doing things that are holding us back. We can start to do things that moves us forward in the direction we would like to go. It is up to us to make these decisions. There are consequences for each and everything we decide to do. There are good or positive consequences just like there are bad or negative consequences. Good or positive consequences are often called rewards. We have to know what rewards we are looking for because that is what will motivate us to make the good or positive decisions in order to receive the reward. Let’s start making the best decisions for ourselves so that we can receive the rewards that we want. 


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