Giving and Receiving


Every interaction is an exchange of energy, ideas, and experiences. We have to be open to share our positive experiences and ideas with other as well as be open to receive the positive ideas and experiences of others. Being open to this natural flow allows us to attract exactly what we desire and seek. If we prevent the flow of energy exchanged when we interact with others we will cut off our receiving because we have stopped giving. When we give with positive intentions we will reap positive gifts in return. When we give from our hearts, with love we increase the power of giving which will have us receiving abundantly more than what we gave. On the other hand, when we give reluctantly will never produce increase. The reason being, no power was put into the giving. Positive thoughts will attract abundance to our lives and to the lives of those we direct positive thoughts toward. People will return positive thoughts toward us and that is where abundance is received. The material expression of abundance are thoughts manifested. The more people we give to small or large, the more people there are for us to receive from small and large. We also have to be mindful that if we are negative we will receive negative. Lets try to be more positive than negative so that the abundance that we receive is positive.


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