What’s up doG, I mean God

I had a conversation with my mother recently. She told me that my niece, who turned six yesterday, (Happy Birthday Jessie, Uncle loves you) was struggling with her reading. I asked if she could be dyslexic. And this is what sparked this thought today.

Do you know how people call each other dogs? People say it in both friendly and not so friendly ways depending on 1. Who they are talking to and/or what situation the person is encountering.

Example 1: Friends greet one another by saying, “What’s up, dog? How have you been?”

Example 2: There is a conflict between two strangers then one stranger warns the other by saying, “Dog, your messing with the wrong one today!”

Let me get to the point, now that you have context. If you didn’t before.

Dog in reverse spells God. God is the creator of everything. We were made in the image and likeness of God. That means all the power that God possesses we possess. Because we are made by God, God is always present with us and in us.

If I want to be like anybody, I want to be like God. So, when you see me and say, “What’s up dog?” I will thank you for recognizing the God in me and return the return the love.


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