Order of Operations – Thought, Speech, Action

Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits.

There is an order of operations that we must follow to reach our goals that we set for ourselves. First, we must fix our thoughts on our goals. Second, we must use our mouths to thank God. Third, we must take action to move toward our goals. Following the order of operations adds efficiency and makes reaching our goals a little bit easier.

Fixing our thoughts on our goals is the first step in the order of operations. It helps to write down our goals the moment we think of them. Writing our goals down allows us to remember our goal as well as allows us to review our goal continuously. A lot of successful people write their goals down and keep it on their person. Keeping our goals on our person allows us to pull it out at any time that we need a reminder of the reasons we are taking the actions that we are taking.

Using our mouths to speak gratitude to our creator is the second step in the order of operations. The thoughts that made us set our goals were given to us by God. We must thank God for all that he has done in our lives that led the thoughts to our brains and made us choose to head in a new direction toward our goals. We must stay in a constant state of gratitude. We must be thankful for the process. Without the process, we would not be able to make significant progress.

Taking action to reach our goals is the third step in the order of operations. We must execute the proper actions in order to reach our goals. After the thought has been sparked, and we express gratitude to God we have to put in the required work to complete our goals. We can not just sit still and think that things will happen without doing something to move toward our goals. So, we must never let anything keep us from always moving forward. If we are not moving forward we are not going in the right direction.

It is important to keep the order of operations in mind when we have goals. Following these operational steps will make the obstacles that we come across when we are working toward our goals not seem as bad. As long as we keep in mind that trouble does not last always and that we will get past every obstacle that is placed before us. Fixing our minds on our goals will help us focus. Expressing gratitude to God will give us the strength to keep going toward our goals. Taking the proper actions will have us reaching our goals quicker than nonaction or taking improper actions. Everyone deserves to reach their God-given destiny. Let’s follow the order of operations and reach our goals sooner than later.