Our Steps Have Been Ordered

Each and every one of us is on a journey. This journey we are traveling is called life. Every step that we take while traveling on our journey has been ordered by God. We may have to take detours along the way. We will have to take pit stops to regroup from time to time. We will cross paths with people by chance that will have an impact us. God is lighting the path for each step that we take during our life.

While traveling on our journey things will not seem to go exactly how we think they should. When this happens we have to go a different route than expected and take a detour to get where we are going. Sometimes we self-impose the detour because we do not want to go down the path that we have been lead. Sometimes God will impose the detour for us to get back on the path that we should be on to keep us moving forward in a positive direction. God will allow us to detour ourselves for some time because he blessed us with our own free will. While on our self-imposed detour we may become so uncomfortable and uneasy that God reroutes us in the way that we ought to be going.

We all have to make pit stops or visit rest areas when we are on this journey. We have to take the time to refuel and perform maintenance at these pit stops and get our rest to rejuvenate ourselves so that we ensure safe travels. If we neglect to take these necessary pit stops  we will break down and be on the side of the road stranded not going anywhere. The rest areas are also just as important because we can become weary and that is unsafe to travel in this state. We need to be at our best at all time while we are moving through our journey. We have to make sure we are aware of our surroundings and make sure that we are staying in our own lane. We do not want to cause harm to ourselves or to others while traveling.

When we are traveling we will most definitely cross the paths of others that will impact the way that we move. We may encounter people that may speed us up, slow us down, or try to turn us around. We travel with the speed of the traffic we are in. We will cross the paths of individuals that are going to help us out on our journey and they are some of the greatest blessings we can receive. We will also cross the paths of individuals that are not helping us and they are not really hurting us either. Lastly, we will cross the paths of individuals that do not like the progress we are making on our journey and they attempt to turn us around. We have to be conscious of the flow of traffic we are in and evaluate the progress we may or may not be making. All of these paths we cross can be very brief or last for a while. No matter how long these individuals are sharing the road with us we can learn from each and every one of them.

Through it all, God has blessed the paths that we will take along our journey. He already knows what we will encounter while we are traveling. He will always protect us and light the way. It is ok to take detours because sometimes they are necessary to get where we are going. Make sure that pit stops and rest areas are used to keep us moving effectively and efficiently. Learning from everyone we cross paths with will help us handle new situations and conditions when they arise. God has already ordered all of our steps because He wants us to get where we are going safely.