Rain and Sunshine

Some people do not like the rain but, rain is equally important as the sunshine. The sun comes out after the rain. The combination of the sun and the rain produces the crops that have been planted. The rain is a necessary step in the process of growth. Let’s focus on three steps that are needed for things to grow. First, a seed has to be planted. Second, rain will fall. Lastly, the sun will shine. Now, let’s take a deeper look at each step individually.

A Seed Has To Be Planted
Before things can grow in our lives we must prepare the ground and plant the seeds of our desired crop we would like to reap. You will not get apples if you plant orange seeds. This is also true when it comes to our personal growth. If you want to become a lawyer you have to plant law seeds in order to get the desired outcome. We also have to study the conditions that the seed needs so that it will grow. Today we live in an age that we have infinite information available to us. If anyone really wants a specific type of growth in their life it is possible to learn all that is needed to achieve that growth. There are plenty of people that have already grown to the point that we may want to reach and it is documented what they did to get there.

Rain Will Fall
The rain is needed to water the seeds that we planted. We must learn how to be grateful for the rain when it comes into our lives. It might not always feel the best when the rain is falling on us but, the rain is doing a job on us. The rain washes away impurities that may keep us from growing. The rain allows what we have planted to receive the nutrients from the soil surrounding it. The rain also is what helps what we have planted stand tall. This is the reason why we are in need of rain from time to time in our lives.

The Sun Will Shine
Almost everyone loves the sunshine and for good reason. The sun shines its light on the things we have planted. The sun provides the necessary energy that is needed for things to grow. The sunshine is what helps our desires to produce the fruit that we wanted.

In conclusion, we all desire some type of growth in our lives. Three things that are necessary for that growth to happen is a seed must be planted, rain will fall, and the sun will shine. Once we have planted our desired seed the right combination of rain and sunshine is needed in order for us to reap what we have sown. Too much rain and no sun will drown the crop. Too much sun and, no rain will dry and burn the crop. It definitely takes time for the growth to occur but it will be worth it in the end.