Welcome to GoodChangeFlame.com

Hi, my name is Gregory Nelson McCain Jr. You can just call me Greg.

I want to welcome and thank you for visiting GoodChangeFlame.com.

I created this website to be a resource that helps people spark positive change in their lives.

I have concentrated on making positive changes in four areas.

The first change takes place in the mind. Having a positive mental attitude will be the spark that lights all the changes that will occur in life.

The second change takes place spiritually. There are spiritual laws that if learned and practiced will inevitably lead to success in all facets of life.

The third change takes place physically with the body. Our bodies are our temples. We can improve our health by changing the foods we consume and working out regularly. Having good health makes it easier to enjoy life.

The fourth change takes place financially. Money is a resource that can help change lives. Proper financial management is key to success. Saving money is like making money and putting the extra money to work to make more money. Learning and implementing this is the key to lasting success.

Thank you for visiting.

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