Running Toward Success and Running From Negativity

Earlier this year, I was invited to become a member of the Advisory Board for the Let Me Run organization. During the introductory meeting, all of the attendees were asked to go around and introduce themselves and answer the questions, “What are you running toward?” and, “What are you running away from?” I was sitting in the front of the room so I was the second person to go. Assuming you read the title, you already know what my answers were to the questions when I introduced myself. Take a peek to remind yourselves of it, if needed. Now, I will tell you why I gave the answers I did.

Running Toward Success

I answered, “What are you running toward?”, with “I am running toward success.” I choose to run toward success at all times. I continue running toward success, even when failures arrive because I see them as temporary. Failures are temporary because having enough knowledge, skills, and abilities we learn from failures and turn them into successes. There is at least one lesson to be learned from every failure. We have to be aware enough to recognize the lessons that our failures are attempting to teach us. If we do not recognize and learn the lessons; we are more than likely to continuously repeat that failure until we learn the lesson or quit and accept defeat, assuming that failure is permanent. I hope, we are all able to gain the wisdom needed to be able to learn from our failures and continue running toward success.

Running From Negativity

I answered, “What are you running away from?”, with “I am running away from negativity.” I choose to run away from negativity because success is achieved through a positive mental attitude. I run from negativity because it plants seeds of negative thoughts, that produce negative actions, that lead to negative results. In the same way, positivity plants seeds of positive thoughts, that produce positive actions, that lead to positive results. Think of our minds as gardens. We have to choose the purpose of our own gardens. Choosing the purpose of our gardens will help us decide the things we want to plant in our gardens. If we are not minding our gardens negativity will sprout
just like weeds and keep our garden from producing what we desired. I hope that we are all able to keep negativity out of our gardens.


When we are running toward success when failures knock us down we have to get up evaluate the failure learn the lesson the failure was teaching and continue running toward success. Running from negativity will allow us to focus on the things that we want in our gardens. If we are focused on our gardens we will recognize when the weeds of negativity sprout and get rid of them and far away from our minds garden.

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What are you running toward?
What are you running away from?

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Desire is the Fire

Desire is always the starting point of all achievement. If we have a strong enough desire; we will begin to taking actions that will manifest our desires. Our desires should spark a curiosity that will have us researching, should make us analyze ourselves and put together a plan, and should make us execute the plan.

Sometimes, we have desires that we will not know how to get. Our desires should spark curiosity. Curiosity will force us to want to find out how to get what we desire. If we are curious enough we will research the things we desire. Today’s technology has made it easier for us to do the research step than ever before. We have tools like google. A google search will give us articles, videos, and pictures of whatever we want to know. We can find someone who has what we want to have or done what we want to do. We can also see what they did to get it or do it. We can now analyze the paths that our research suggests. From that information, we can determine the path that we want to take.

Once we have done our research, we should start planning out our steps to manifest our desires. To help with planning we have to analyze ourselves and what resources we have available to us. We can do a SWOT analysis of ourselves and our desires. We have to ask ourselves a few questions. What are our strengths that will help us get our desires? What are our weaknesses that need improving or get assistance from someone that has a strength in this area that will help us get our desires? What opportunities can we take advantage of that will help us get our desires? What are the threats that could prevent us from getting our desires? Knowing the answers to these questions will help us formulate a plan for success.

Following our research and planning, it is time to execute our plans and watch our desires manifest. We have to start planting the seeds from the research and analysis performed earlier. We have to take care of those seeds. Making sure that we do everything that is needed, so our seeds can become plants. When we have plants; we must give them regular attention. The plants we give the most attention to will continue to grow and begin to bear fruit. We can now enjoy the fruit of our desires. The best thing about the fruit of our desires is that they have new seeds inside of them. Be grateful for the process that it took to experience our desires.We can do this process over and over again.

Everything starts in the mind with an initial desire. The difference between a wish and desire is the action put behind the thought. Our desires will spark a curiosity that will have us researching, will make us analyze ourselves and putting together a plan, and will make us execute the plan.

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