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Running Toward Success and Running From Negativity

Earlier this year, I was invited to become a member of the Advisory Board for the Let Me Run organization. During the introductory meeting, all of the attendees were asked to go around and introduce themselves and answer the questions, “What are you running toward?” and, “What are you running away from?” I was sitting in the front of the room so I was the second person to go. Assuming you read the title, you already know what my answers were to the questions when I introduced myself. Take a peek to remind yourselves of it, if needed. Now, I will tell you why I gave the answers I did.

Running Toward Success

I answered, “What are you running toward?”, with “I am running toward success.” I choose to run toward success at all times. I continue running toward success, even when failures arrive because I see them as temporary. Failures are temporary because having enough knowledge, skills, and abilities we learn from failures and turn them into successes. There is at least one lesson to be learned from every failure. We have to be aware enough to recognize the lessons that our failures are attempting to teach us. If we do not recognize and learn the lessons; we are more than likely to continuously repeat that failure until we learn the lesson or quit and accept defeat, assuming that failure is permanent. I hope, we are all able to gain the wisdom needed to be able to learn from our failures and continue running toward success.

Running From Negativity

I answered, “What are you running away from?”, with “I am running away from negativity.” I choose to run away from negativity because success is achieved through a positive mental attitude. I run from negativity because it plants seeds of negative thoughts, that produce negative actions, that lead to negative results. In the same way, positivity plants seeds of positive thoughts, that produce positive actions, that lead to positive results. Think of our minds as gardens. We have to choose the purpose of our own gardens. Choosing the purpose of our gardens will help us decide the things we want to plant in our gardens. If we are not minding our gardens negativity will sprout
just like weeds and keep our garden from producing what we desired. I hope that we are all able to keep negativity out of our gardens.


When we are running toward success when failures knock us down we have to get up evaluate the failure learn the lesson the failure was teaching and continue running toward success. Running from negativity will allow us to focus on the things that we want in our gardens. If we are focused on our gardens we will recognize when the weeds of negativity sprout and get rid of them and far away from our minds garden.

Comment your answers!
What are you running toward?
What are you running away from?

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Desire is the Fire

Desire is always the starting point of all achievement. If we have a strong enough desire; we will begin to taking actions that will manifest our desires. Our desires should spark a curiosity that will have us researching, should make us analyze ourselves and put together a plan, and should make us execute the plan.

Sometimes, we have desires that we will not know how to get. Our desires should spark curiosity. Curiosity will force us to want to find out how to get what we desire. If we are curious enough we will research the things we desire. Today’s technology has made it easier for us to do the research step than ever before. We have tools like google. A google search will give us articles, videos, and pictures of whatever we want to know. We can find someone who has what we want to have or done what we want to do. We can also see what they did to get it or do it. We can now analyze the paths that our research suggests. From that information, we can determine the path that we want to take.

Once we have done our research, we should start planning out our steps to manifest our desires. To help with planning we have to analyze ourselves and what resources we have available to us. We can do a SWOT analysis of ourselves and our desires. We have to ask ourselves a few questions. What are our strengths that will help us get our desires? What are our weaknesses that need improving or get assistance from someone that has a strength in this area that will help us get our desires? What opportunities can we take advantage of that will help us get our desires? What are the threats that could prevent us from getting our desires? Knowing the answers to these questions will help us formulate a plan for success.

Following our research and planning, it is time to execute our plans and watch our desires manifest. We have to start planting the seeds from the research and analysis performed earlier. We have to take care of those seeds. Making sure that we do everything that is needed, so our seeds can become plants. When we have plants; we must give them regular attention. The plants we give the most attention to will continue to grow and begin to bear fruit. We can now enjoy the fruit of our desires. The best thing about the fruit of our desires is that they have new seeds inside of them. Be grateful for the process that it took to experience our desires.We can do this process over and over again.

Everything starts in the mind with an initial desire. The difference between a wish and desire is the action put behind the thought. Our desires will spark a curiosity that will have us researching, will make us analyze ourselves and putting together a plan, and will make us execute the plan.

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Welcome to

Hi, my name is Gregory Nelson McCain Jr. But, you can just call me Greg.

I want to welcome and thank you for visiting

I created this website to be helpful to those that have decided they want to change their lives for a better and brighter future.

Focused on making changes in the four areas below, I have been able to see a brighter future for myself and for the people that are around me.

The first change takes place in the mind. Having a positive mental attitude will brighten even our darkest of days.

The second change takes place spiritually. There are spiritual laws that if learned and practiced will inevitably lead to success in all facets of life.

The third change takes place physically with the body. Our bodies are our temples. We can improve our health by changing the foods we consume and working out regularly. Having good health makes it easier to enjoy life.

The fourth change takes place financially. Money is a resource that can help change lives. Proper financial management is key to success. Saving money is like making money and putting the extra money to work to make more money. Learning and implementing this is the key to lasting success.

Thank you for visiting.

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Rain and Sunshine

Some people do not like the rain but, rain is equally important as the sunshine. The sun comes out after the rain. The combination of the sun and the rain produces the crops that have been planted. The rain is a necessary step in the process of growth. Let’s focus on three steps that are needed for things to grow. First, a seed has to be planted. Second, rain will fall. Lastly, the sun will shine. Now, let’s take a deeper look at each step individually.

A Seed Has To Be Planted
Before things can grow in our lives we must prepare the ground and plant the seeds of our desired crop we would like to reap. You will not get apples if you plant orange seeds. This is also true when it comes to our personal growth. If you want to become a lawyer you have to plant law seeds in order to get the desired outcome. We also have to study the conditions that the seed needs so that it will grow. Today we live in an age that we have infinite information available to us. If anyone really wants a specific type of growth in their life it is possible to learn all that is needed to achieve that growth. There are plenty of people that have already grown to the point that we may want to reach and it is documented what they did to get there.

Rain Will Fall
The rain is needed to water the seeds that we planted. We must learn how to be grateful for the rain when it comes into our lives. It might not always feel the best when the rain is falling on us but, the rain is doing a job on us. The rain washes away impurities that may keep us from growing. The rain allows what we have planted to receive the nutrients from the soil surrounding it. The rain also is what helps what we have planted stand tall. This is the reason why we are in need of rain from time to time in our lives.

The Sun Will Shine
Almost everyone loves the sunshine and for good reason. The sun shines its light on the things we have planted. The sun provides the necessary energy that is needed for things to grow. The sunshine is what helps our desires to produce the fruit that we wanted.

In conclusion, we all desire some type of growth in our lives. Three things that are necessary for that growth to happen is a seed must be planted, rain will fall, and the sun will shine. Once we have planted our desired seed the right combination of rain and sunshine is needed in order for us to reap what we have sown. Too much rain and no sun will drown the crop. Too much sun and, no rain will dry and burn the crop. It definitely takes time for the growth to occur but it will be worth it in the end.

Our Steps Have Been Ordered

Each and every one of us is on a journey. This journey we are traveling is called life. Every step that we take while traveling on our journey has been ordered by God. We may have to take detours along the way. We will have to take pit stops to regroup from time to time. We will cross paths with people by chance that will have an impact us. God is lighting the path for each step that we take during our life.

While traveling on our journey things will not seem to go exactly how we think they should. When this happens we have to go a different route than expected and take a detour to get where we are going. Sometimes we self-impose the detour because we do not want to go down the path that we have been lead. Sometimes God will impose the detour for us to get back on the path that we should be on to keep us moving forward in a positive direction. God will allow us to detour ourselves for some time because he blessed us with our own free will. While on our self-imposed detour we may become so uncomfortable and uneasy that God reroutes us in the way that we ought to be going.

We all have to make pit stops or visit rest areas when we are on this journey. We have to take the time to refuel and perform maintenance at these pit stops and get our rest to rejuvenate ourselves so that we ensure safe travels. If we neglect to take these necessary pit stops  we will break down and be on the side of the road stranded not going anywhere. The rest areas are also just as important because we can become weary and that is unsafe to travel in this state. We need to be at our best at all time while we are moving through our journey. We have to make sure we are aware of our surroundings and make sure that we are staying in our own lane. We do not want to cause harm to ourselves or to others while traveling.

When we are traveling we will most definitely cross the paths of others that will impact the way that we move. We may encounter people that may speed us up, slow us down, or try to turn us around. We travel with the speed of the traffic we are in. We will cross the paths of individuals that are going to help us out on our journey and they are some of the greatest blessings we can receive. We will also cross the paths of individuals that are not helping us and they are not really hurting us either. Lastly, we will cross the paths of individuals that do not like the progress we are making on our journey and they attempt to turn us around. We have to be conscious of the flow of traffic we are in and evaluate the progress we may or may not be making. All of these paths we cross can be very brief or last for a while. No matter how long these individuals are sharing the road with us we can learn from each and every one of them.

Through it all, God has blessed the paths that we will take along our journey. He already knows what we will encounter while we are traveling. He will always protect us and light the way. It is ok to take detours because sometimes they are necessary to get where we are going. Make sure that pit stops and rest areas are used to keep us moving effectively and efficiently. Learning from everyone we cross paths with will help us handle new situations and conditions when they arise. God has already ordered all of our steps because He wants us to get where we are going safely.

Order of Operations – Thought, Speech, Action

Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits.

There is an order of operations that we must follow to reach our goals that we set for ourselves. First, we must fix our thoughts on our goals. Second, we must use our mouths to thank God. Third, we must take action to move toward our goals. Following the order of operations adds efficiency and makes reaching our goals a little bit easier.

Fixing our thoughts on our goals is the first step in the order of operations. It helps to write down our goals the moment we think of them. Writing our goals down allows us to remember our goal as well as allows us to review our goal continuously. A lot of successful people write their goals down and keep it on their person. Keeping our goals on our person allows us to pull it out at any time that we need a reminder of the reasons we are taking the actions that we are taking.

Using our mouths to speak gratitude to our creator is the second step in the order of operations. The thoughts that made us set our goals were given to us by God. We must thank God for all that he has done in our lives that led the thoughts to our brains and made us choose to head in a new direction toward our goals. We must stay in a constant state of gratitude. We must be thankful for the process. Without the process, we would not be able to make significant progress.

Taking action to reach our goals is the third step in the order of operations. We must execute the proper actions in order to reach our goals. After the thought has been sparked, and we express gratitude to God we have to put in the required work to complete our goals. We can not just sit still and think that things will happen without doing something to move toward our goals. So, we must never let anything keep us from always moving forward. If we are not moving forward we are not going in the right direction.

It is important to keep the order of operations in mind when we have goals. Following these operational steps will make the obstacles that we come across when we are working toward our goals not seem as bad. As long as we keep in mind that trouble does not last always and that we will get past every obstacle that is placed before us. Fixing our minds on our goals will help us focus. Expressing gratitude to God will give us the strength to keep going toward our goals. Taking the proper actions will have us reaching our goals quicker than nonaction or taking improper actions. Everyone deserves to reach their God-given destiny. Let’s follow the order of operations and reach our goals sooner than later.